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a smile of joy arrives in me,
because in my mind,
i will be yours,
and you will be mine.
forever in imagination,
not to be confused with reality.
there we are apart,
i feel so lost in actuality.
i cry when you smile,
and i bleed when you laugh,
hate knowing your happy without me,
waiting for this to pass.
as you walk away,
i die a little inside,
know that it's over,
wishing you would've tried.
now when i watch the stars
all i can see is your face
feeling alone without you,
feeling out of place.
:iconjamiejuvenile:jamiejuvenile 2 0
im gonna tell you what heartbreaks about.
it's about staying at home,
instead of going out.
because i think crying alone,
is better than seeing you laugh with HER.
it's about looking at your picturing,
and thinking i had him..
why wasn't i good enough,
what happened?
its about setting my alarm,
for 11:11...
waking up every single night,
to wish you would come back.
it's about saying i love you,
whenever we got off the phone..
after you hang up.
it's about not trusting anybody,
and getting sick,
when i hear your name mentioned in a conversation.
i didn't realize i missed you THIS much.
:iconjamiejuvenile:jamiejuvenile 4 5
tell me now, tell me please. what is life about? is it about a little girl swinging, and then the chain suddenly breaks.  she cries and screams, her daddy rushes down to make her all better, when in reality she's just wanting attention?
is it about trudging through a field of tall weeds with your family. getting your foot stuck in a hidden ditch, and nobody helping you, because it's too damn funny
is it about drawing with sidewalk chalk on the driveway, writing the random things that pop into your head. later getting in trouble for making the garage floor all colorful.
is it about sneaking out at night, to walk to the gas station. to get a ring pop, and an energy drink. crossing the busy highway for thrill, and meeting new people? coming home to the open window, and forgetting to put the screen back in?
is it about eating as much as you can, just to say that you ate that much. is it about talking to everybody like you've known them your whole lives. is it about choking on <i>
:iconjamiejuvenile:jamiejuvenile 1 1
Let's go back, back in time.
let's go back in time,
to when i first met you.
at the mall, when i was
dating matt. and he ignored me.
you guys were skating, you
were having fun.
let's go back in time,
to when i first messaged you.
" hey, you should call me
sometime, 797-6969,"
let's go back in time ,
to when you first called me.
i said hello, you said hey,
you told me to call you..
and i was eating a taco at
my cousins house.
let's go back in time,
to when you were at bogs.
and we talked ALL NIGHT.
and keith convinced me you
were the right one.
i wouldn't have talked
to you that night, if you
wouldn' t have accidentally texted
get ya some, to me, instead of jeff.
let's go back in time,
to when we went to the mall.
before we were dating.
i remember where i first
hugged you ever,
right after i hugged ryan,
by those steps.
we sat on that bench, and talked.
when i had to go, you stood up,
and gave me a great hug..
and we exchanged i love yous.
for the first time in person.
let's go back in time,
to when you aske
:iconjamiejuvenile:jamiejuvenile 1 1
Love is A Lie..
14 year old girl cries herself to sleep,
she had fallen in love, she had fallen deep.
he broke her heart,
tore her apart.
she's scared, afraid, and terrified.
never thought their love would've died.
thought he was perfect, thought he would never lie,
didn't think she'd ever want to die.
just wants everything to be the same,
but it can't, because everything has changed.
wakes in the morning; knows the day will be long,
but she get's up anyway, singing that same song.
she's in love with that boy;she really is,
her heart never changed, what happened to his?
:iconjamiejuvenile:jamiejuvenile 2 3
I slit my tongue,
the taste of blood.
i cut my wrist,
pain; clench my fist.
they used to telll me,
"your lucky your alive."
"I'm sorry, but it's not for life i strive,"
everything else fades,
but my memory remains.
i'll cry when you smile,
and i'll bleed when you laugh,
hate knowing your happy without me,
wait for this to pass
my feelings are my symptoms,
my life is danger.
my love doesn't matter,
he doesn't care.
living is a joke,
life isn't fair.
just so you know,
my guns in the cabinet.
remember that,
because im only alive out of habit.
you said you were scared.
atleast you knew i cared...
now i stand;
knee high in blood.
the exact spot,
where he once stood.
i think to myself
i could ease my pain.
i lean against this wall,
slowly go insane.
i could cry forever,
but the bleeding eventually stops.
im not afraid of the end,
im just terrified of waiting for it.
and all i want is you,
no matter what i have to do.
so many times i've went to sleep,
wondering if morning would come,
and hopi
:iconjamiejuvenile:jamiejuvenile 252 34


Eternal, 2nd song
As I close my eyes and say a prayer
I feel as if I'm walking on air
And I came upon your beautiful face
So content, perfect and with angelic grace
I love you and you love me
It's so true that angels fly above me
We are Eternal forever, my baby, my love
I'll say it loud to God above
Til I descend into the moonlit sky
And I promise you baby, we will fly
As I sing this song to you
I want you to know
That you have been so good to me
And that I will never leave you
I want to be with you, as your angel
For Eternity
You love me and I love you
So beautiful and I think it's so true
We are Eternal forever, my baby, my love
I could say it to God above
Til I descend into the night sky
And I promise you baby, we will fly
My heart is healing because of you
I wanna be in your arms, and be with you
Forever and ever, until I fade away
And I see the light shining above us both
'Cause you're my angel, sweet baby
I'll cry for you, I'll sing for you
Oh how so much I want to stay like this
With you forever.
:iconthesilentmistress:TheSilentMistress 2 9
Wedding Cake by LMWparanoia Wedding Cake :iconlmwparanoia:LMWparanoia 1 0
My Funny Quote Collection
"Stupid people are dumb,"
-Kid in my spanish class
"'Yeah, and h*ll froze over!'
'That's why it's so cold outside...'"
-2 Red necks in my math class
"You sound like Baby godzilla with the hic-ups!"
"'I am extreamly happy!'
'I have a cow!'"
-Martha And I
"To get your lisence, you need to know how to drive. To get your permit you need to know how to read. That means getting your permit will be hardest for most of you."
-My Math Teacher
"Yous like George [W.] Bush! You can make words up!"
"If you make friends with the devil then H*ll will be a H*ll-of-a-lot better."
-Necklace boy
(Please, this doesn't not mean to offend anyone. It's just for fun.)
"Which Trojen war?"
"I can count to 'G'!" header
"Every couple of years someone tried to prove that Jesus was a Zelot who carried a dagger, or that Jesus married marry magdalene and the french monarchy are their decendence, or that Jesus was a member of a hallucinogenic mushroom-munching cult..."
-Martin Ma
:iconzandrasaiquies:ZandraSaiquies 54 40
Friendly Quotes
I love my friends.
Sometimes they can act relatively normal.
“Do you want a chip?”
“Can I have some of that?”
“We’re giving you gold.”
“A jet. A plane.”
“Wow! It really works!”
“That was like, total pwn-age right there.”
“Football player.”
“I like the first half of the taste.”
“My English teacher is going to think I’m such a weirdo.”
Sometimes they are so insightful.
“It’s not as if your choices are wrong.”
“It’s half of everything.”
“It’s oxymoronic without the ‘oxi.’”
“The Earth doesn’t have corners.”
“Time is not a line. It goes in circles. That’s why clocks are square.”
“An actor has to portray things even without dialogue.”
“You don’t begin life as a teenager.”
Sometimes they are idiots.
“I’m from I’mland.”
“The aliens from Mars!
:iconlunaluv13:LunaLuv13 10 4
Love is nothing,
Without a kiss.
Love is everything,
When you feel like this.
Love is precious,
When they mean everything to you.
Love is painful,
When they're not with you.
Love is priceless,
The true kind can't be bought.
Love is life...
When it's all you've got.
bleh...tell me how you like it...o.o;
:iconlillaurenb4u2c:lillaurenb4u2c 2,516 473
Resident Evil: If You're Happy
If You're Happy and You Know it: Resident Evil Style!
If you're happy and you know it, blow shit up!
(click, boom!)
If you're happy and you know it, blow shit up!
(click, boom!)
If you're happy and you know it and you really wanna show it: If you're happy and you know it, blow shit up!
(click, boom!)
If you're happy and you know it, watch them burn!
(ha, ha!)
If you're happy and you know it, watch them burn!
(ha, ha!)
If you're happy and you know it and you really wanna show it: If you're happy and you know it, watch them burn!
(ha, ha!)
If you're happy and you know it, just reload!
(click, click!)
If you're happy and you know it, just reload!
(click, click!)
If you're happy and you know it and you really wanna show it: If you're happy and you know it, just reload!
(click, click!)
If you're happy and you know it, do all three!
(click, boom! - ha, ha! - click, click!)
If you're happy and you know it, do all thr
:iconkaiera:Kaiera 575 201
She cut 2 deep
She once was the perfect daughter
who would do anything she had to..
But no one knew the pain she held
the smile that always fooled you...
Her arms were always covered up
with her black and blue sweaters..
She held that smile of pure gold
no matter what change in weather..
Her wrists held the scars and cuts
but she always helped others in pain..
She listened day after day of their problems
but still never once did she complain..
She knew as along as they were happy
then it didn't matter that she was dying..
Hiding herself from others.. alone
hidden in her room, cold and crying..
She knew as along as they smiled
it didn't matter if she was in pain..
Cause she knew if they found out
then everything around her would change..
But all that seem to change that day
when she couldn't hold in her pain..
Sitting outside crying to the world
the tears being washed away with rain..
She held her razor blade tightly
thinking of all the mistakes she made..
Knowing she was a failure
:iconx-riku-x-sora-fan-x:x-riku-x-sora-fan-x 15 15
i sweat fear
i cry fear
i eat, sleep and bleed fear
i act as if i'm afraid of nothing
yet it's seeping out my skin
i see fear
i breathe fear
i speak, scream and hear fear
i act as if nothing is wrong
though my fear is but for you
you know me better
than anyone else
in this world- and yet
i can no longer look into your eyes
now you're around me
and i suddenly start to shake
god, what's wrong with me
i must be out of my mind!
so you tell me not to be afraid
and i reluctantly let you kiss me
but what you'll taste is not the same
how does it feel to taste pure fear?
:iconkarateangel:karateangel 4 21
He is a solitary hunter
who steals the light of the moon
and taints your nightmares gorgeous.
He shows you colors caught in prisms,
images that disturb what is forbidden,
that get under the silk of your skin
and let you discover your unseen world
spun in tapestries and stained glass.
He takes the words off your lips,
making them his own -
the secrets hidden in the well of souls -
to paint the sky, his only witness
to unspeakable crimes of the heart
as you follow the tangled threads of seduction
he has so cleverly laid out for you.
He has bought and sold you,
laid out the robes of rich desire
upon a bed of dreams held fast
by a canopy and veil of stars.
His lips implore you for more.
They seek confessions, transgressions
and dangerous promises, spilled from a tongue
grown heady and thick with wine
as he unravels your heart and mind
in the garments that pool at your feet
undone one by one by his deft fingers
leaving your fragile heart of darkness
the object of his obsession.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 74 57
Love and Heartbreak
Love is when you can't stop thinking about them,
when you hear their voice inside your head.
You can tell it's them just by their scent.
When you want a picture of just the two of you,
so they can always "be with you".
Love is when you call them
just to talk about anything; just to hear their voice.
When you worry about them if something happens,
when they cheer you up by giving you a hug
or just staying by your side.
Love is being able to read their eyes.
You can see when they're happy,
and help them when they're sad.
When you don't need to talk to each other,
because your eyes talk for the two of you.
Heartbreak is when you cry
because you can't stop thinking about them.
When you wish you had a picture
just to be able to say "that was us..."
Heartbreak is when you miss their phone calls
and their warm random hugs.
When both know you miss the other
Just because of the pain in your eyes.
Love is having, heartbreak is missing.
:iconsucre-glace-reine:Sucre-Glace-Reine 222 56
heartbreak by Aurelia88 heartbreak :iconaurelia88:Aurelia88 38 20
Directions to a Heartbreak
This is the way you should break my heart.
Firstly, you have to call me over the phone, since we're both too cowardly to see eachother's faces. Call on a weekend, perferably a Friday night so I can cope over the weekend and stay home that night to curl under the covers.
Tell me, "We had great times but-" then pause, and let me say "But what? Are you breaking up with me?" Say this, "No no no, I'm not...well...yes and no. I really like you but-" pause again because you don't know why you're doing this. "But what?" I will persist. "Is there someone else? Is it something I did? What?" Sense that I am growing angry, and imagine my face contorting to hold back tears. Decide I am ugly. Hate me for it. Do not say "It's not you, it's me." because that's cliche and you're original. Do not say it's someone else, because that will send me into a jealous rage, and you wouldn't want that. Do not tell me we're just too different, because I love you and despite my stubbornness, I would change for you.
:iconveo33:Veo33 116 105
How do you feel? I designed myself to love you more, I scratch your skin, I'm waiting outside to tell you you're lovely.
I crawl to your house and I nail myself to your door with my arms outspread, so you can see that I love you more.
I slit my wrists with porcelain and I tear my throat to shreds so you would notice me, finally, finally.
I swallow my promise to never taste this again, I'm laughing as I bleed to death, as I bleed to death, as I bleed to death
Hold out. It's such a waste to say that you need me more, when you really don't at all.
It's the iron taste of blood in my mouth from biting my tongue for way too long.
Smiling as I raise my head and softly ask how was your day and I'll sleep on the couch at night, I'll even stay out of your way, I'll keep you safe when you are not, I'll keep you warm when you are cold, I'll wake you up at 2 am just to tell you that I care.
I find solace in the curves of your hips, I think you're beautiful even tho
:iconcityofstars:cityofstars 93 20
Quotes by kate4luv Quotes :iconkate4luv:kate4luv 799 104



United States
Favourite genre of music: Screamo, and the like.
Favourite photographer: Uhm.
Favourite style of art: Photograohy is nice :B
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: what?
Wallpaper of choice: what?
Skin of choice: what?
Favourite cartoon character: Hello Kitty, Gir.
Personal Quote: i have a tonna hell of a lot of quotes...
im your perfection.

friday-funn :D
weekend-ehh, shit :|

tomorrow-school, gay. moms house.
tuesday-school, game afterwards i hope.
wednesday-school, moms house.
thursday-school, boring much?
friday-school, weekend at moms, coles?

it's awful that
i can basically plan out
my entire week.
ohh well.
getting off; cole should call soon.



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